Visit to SPS – Smart Production Solutions in Nuremberg

SPS - Smart Production Solutions is one of the largest international automation trade shows. The fair gathers the leading companies of the automation industry from Germany and from abroad. At the very well-attended fair, drive systems and components, control systems, interfaces, sensors, industrial communication and infrastructure, software and information technology in general were showed...[READ MORE]

Joint IMEKO TC11 & TC24 hybrid conference

Research assistant Matea Gavran and prof. Bolf participated in a TC24 Chemical Measurements conference organized by the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO). In the poster section, we presented the paper...[READ MORE]


In the organization of The National Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers of Spain (ANQUE) 9th World Congress on Particle Technology was held in Madrid, Spain...[READ MORE]


We participated in the Networking @ Siemens Pharma event on September 22, 2022 at Siemens City Vienna. Prof. Nenad Bolf gave an interesting presentation: Application of PAT &QbD in Crystallization Process Control...[READ MORE]

Visit to ENSIACET in Toulouse

Toulouse Graduate School of Chemical, Materials, and Industrial Engineering (ENSIACET - French: École nationale supérieure des ingénieurs en arts chimiques et technologiques) is one of the largest educational institutions for chemical engineering and technology in Europe...[READ MORE]

Ružička days

From September 21 to 23, 2022, the scientific and professional meeting 19th Ružička days, Science Today - Industry Tomorrow was held in Vukovar. Our project team participated with two poster presentations. Iva Zokić and Jasna Prlić Kardum attendend and showed results of their research on Influence of solvent system on the crystal structure of API...[READ MORE]


From August 31 to September 2, 2022, the 27th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC 2022) was held in Helsinki. For the congress a paper on spherical crystallization was prepared under the title: Control of crystal shape in the batch crystallization process...[READ MORE]


We participated in a 4th International Congress of Chemists and Chemical Engineers of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. We have presented the CrystAPC and the results of the development of the calibration models for concentration of API X using in-situ UV/Vis spectrophotometer...[READ MORE]

Visit to Siemens and usePAT

On April 4th & 5th our team visited Siemens Living Lab and usePAT in Vienna. Team of PAT experts in Siemens Living Lab introduced us with their concepts and system for PAT tools integration. We presented the CrystAPC project and proposed further possibilities for integrating our research within SIPAT platform...[READ MORE]

Crystallization laboratory set-up and Blaze device installation

Recently we have finished construction and startup of our advanced crystallization laboratory. With the support of Blazemetrics company and laboratory equipment suppliers, we installed the state-of-the-art process microscope for research and development of crystallization processes...[READ MORE]

XIV Meeting of Young Chemical Engineers

We presented our research at the International Conference XIV Meeting of Young Chemical Engineers held in Zagreb on February 24th and 25th...[READ MORE]

Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers 2021

We participated on Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers held from October 5th to 8th with two poster presentations: Development of the calibration model for real-time measurement...[READ MORE]