On Thursday, February 9, 2023, the promotion of the CrystAPC- Advanced Crystallization Process Management was held at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. Representatives of ten institutions and twenty companies gathered at the presentation.

The opening speech was given by the head of the Institute for Measurements and Automatic Process Management, Assoc. Željka Ujević Andrijić. This was followed by the presentation of the project manager, Prof. Nenad Bolf about the goals of the project and the application of process analytical technology in research and production, as well as digitization in the process industry.

After the presentation of the project, the dean of FKIT, prof. Ph.D. Ante Jukić who introduced the attendees to the Faculty's activities and highlighted the Faculty's connection with the process industry and partner companies on a large number of projects. 

Ph.D. Damir Šahnić described the active cooperation of Pliva/Teva with the Faculty and the group dealing with crystallization and process analytical technology. He pointed out that this research follows the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Adriano Liebhardt from Siemens Croatia emphasized the good cooperation with the Faculty, as well as the importance of the Faculty in the education of experts. He stated that the Laboratory for Automation and Measurements, built in cooperation between FKIT and Siemens, is the leading laboratory of its type in the region.

Josip Sacher, FKIT assistant and collaborator on the project, presented project activities and current achievements of the project.
After the presentations, the gathered went to the laboratories of the Institute for Measurements and Automatic Process Control, where they had the opportunity to see the equipment and experimental apparatus in full operation.